ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THINGS, 2014-2018, Photography series


For the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THINGS photography series I collaborate with individuals in their home environments. Each participant selects personal objects as portals to memory that are both precious and meaningful, they are then arranged for the camera in a temporary installation. The installations of the participants' most treasured objects embody their sense of self-hood and identity, and tell the story of each individual. Since starting this long term project in 2014 I collaborated with individuals in North America, Europe, the Middle East and most recently in East Asia. The final result is series of intricate non-concrete portraits consisting of a prevalent vocabulary made out of ubiquitous objects that echo the universality of the human condition.


Selected exhibitions:

Interior Landszaft, Lesley Heller Workspace, New York

Hein und seine Sippe, Kunstverein Wagenhallen, Stuttgart

cake, dolls, gift bags, and other things, Radiator Gallery, New York

Everything & Nothing, Part I, Spazio522, New York

Nature Morte, Top Top, Brooklyn NY